Simon Spang-Hanssen

oil, acrylic and gouache
Drawing and oil-painting since  the age of twelve, originally inspired by the impressionist he also discovered the work of  Kandinsky, Klee, Miro etc.. In his early twenties the saxophone  finally took over and the brushes had to wait for a couple of decades.
First exhibition “Music Makers” in a CD –store , the Jazz Cellar in Copenhagen 2002 showed a series of  oil-paintings and gouaches, also reflecting influences from African and Oceanic art, as well as from painters like Lam, Brauner, Picasso, Matta, de Staël, Vieira da Silva, Kupka, Jorn, Alechinsky

Exhibitions :

Music Makers “   The Jazz Cellar , Copenhagen
 “Imaginary Portraits “  composers-association D.J.B.F.A   Copenhagen
“Masks and Spirits “  The Jazz Cellar, Copenhagen
 Bartof Gallery, Frederiksberg
“Signs and Rhythms”  , The Jazz Cellar
Jungle Life “ , D.J.B.F.A
Musicians Union Kunstforening (art association),  Copenhagen
Gallery Arleth, Horbelev
Gallery Pialeh, Frederiksberg
Collective exhibition Gallery Raku, Hjortdal
 “Jazz- Life” ,  The Jazz Cellar
Gallery Arleth, Horbelev
Gallery Pialeh,  Frederiksberg
Ministery of Education Kunstforening “Minerva”
EPOS  Kunstforening
“Microcosmes”  D.J.B.F.A , Copenhagen
Havarthigaarden, Holte with Erling Rasmussen
Gaz-Museum, Hobro, with Ole Bundgaard
“SaFaRi” with Ramuntcho Matta , Frederic Dutertre and Shrederique Fantune,
Sometimestudio, Paris, France
“Masks and Beings”  Gallery Pialeh, Copenhagen
“Sign Language “ with Jan Kaspersen,  Den Gule Villa, Copenhagen, may 2012
Bang & Olufsen Kunstforening ( art association)   january 2012
Solvognen  Kunstforening , Odsherred   march,april,may 2012
“Inner Cities”  , Biblioteket , Danasvej, Frederiksberg, 1-31 october 2012
Lyngby Stadsbibliotek,   march 5-30  2013
Kunstforeninger : ESS-Food , Brøndby -  Cobham, Lyngby2014  ”Intersections”   Galleri BLOCH, Kbh.

2015   Kunstforeninger: Mark Information Lyngby, BASF, Rødekro
” Nattens Væsen, Dagens Nar”  , Gule Villa, Fredriksberg with Jette Botchinsky,
Maria Bloch og Ole Bundgaard

2016  Kunstnerlauget af 2013, group-exhibition at  Frederiksberg Rådhus
exhibition in Det Lille Musikhus during Copenhagen Jazzfestival
            Galleri Øckenlund, Frederiksberg in may 2017
Paintings for several CD-covers, posters…
for Frans Bak and Gerz Feigenbergs children-songs “Mer en Nok” editions Wilhelm Hansen.
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