Paintings by Rithva Landler and Simon Cato Spang-Hanssen
acrylic and mixed media on canvas, wood, posters, recycled…


Based in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark the artist duo and Simon Spang-Hanssen has worked together since 2017. Their works are a result of a common interest in exploring and challenging the artistic media. Entering in each others universes, keeping own techniques and brushwork,  developing a collective force- “a third I”, creating a unique narration and expression.


Kind of Blue (in Green)    acrylic on wood


Dancing on the Ceiling    acrylic on cardboard  60+61cm

Flying Home    acrylic on poster

Funk Street    acrylic on cardboard   60+61cm


J.K Space & Rhythm  acrylic on wood


Groove for Geese     80+80cm