Raise Four


Simon Spang-Hanssen ,  saxophones, flute

Benjamin Moussay ,  piano

Yoni Zelnik,  bass

Tony Rabeson ,   drums

The music of Thelonious Monk is timeless, universal, yet expressing profoundly the very essence of Jazz. This absolute genius has developed an extremely original and personal universe, unique by its melodies, rhythms and harmonies; making him, without a doubt, one of the most significant jazz-composers of the twentieth century. It is this universe that Simon Spang-Hanssen and Benjamin Moussay has chosen to explore together in the company of Yoni Zelnik andTony Rabeson. It is by experimenting with rhythm, form, instrumentation and by the choice of compositions that they bring a different light to the work of Monk, while respecting deeply the spirit.  Energy and creativity are omnipresent in this reinterpretation, and the four musicians of  Raise Four can express their singular personalities throughout an intense and surprising tribute.

The quartet has performed at the Festival of Radio France & Montpellier, Au Ducs des Lombards (Paris)…
Benjamin Moussay (France) is one of the few pianists who claim Monk as an initial influence. A great improviser, it is always interesting to follow the development of his ideas. Benjamin performs with Leonardo Garcia, Sophie Alour, Archie Shepp, Bernard Struber, Glenn Ferris, Louis Sclavis “Atlas Trio”,  Youn Sun Nah, Claudia Solal, …and also has his own trio with Arnault Cuisinier and Eric Echampard.
Yoni Zelnik (Israel/France) studies at the Paris Conservatory. His open and subtle playing has made  him very much in demand in France, he performs with among others : Sarah Lazarus, Zimmermann/Porquery quintet, John Betch, Misja Fitzgerald- Michel, Sophie Alour, Geraldine Laurent, Emil Spanyi, Youn Sun Nah, Leila Olivesi..
Tony Rabeson (Madagascar/France) is a true artist of his instrument with a great imagination, both refined and incisive. Tony has played with Tania Maria, Henri Texier “Azure”-quartet (with Glenn Ferris and Bojan Z. ), Andy Emler “Megaoctet” , Lee Konitz, Kenny Wheeler, Toots Thielemans, Steve Swallow, Joe Lovano, Eddy Louiss, Martial Solal, Maurice Vander, Zool Fleischer…
Simon Spang-Hanssen (Denmark) made most of the arrangements for the group. Having been fascinated by the musical universe of Monk for decades, the encounter with Benjamin gave the spark to realize this project. Simon has performed with John Tchicai, Jan Kaspersen, Néné Baterista, Andy Emler, Denis Badault, Billy Hart, Niels Lan Doky, Edouard Ferlet, Xavier Desandre, Le Quintet Moutin, Bob Rockwell, Anders Bergcrantz, Jesper Lundgaard, Linley Marthe, ...

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