May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'SIMON SPANG-HANSSEN QUARTET NOCTIFLORE Vendredi 3 Bai Jazz Club MARS 2023 /// 19h30 & 21h30 Simon Spang- Hanssen sax ténor/soprano/compos, Franck Tortiller vibraphone, Yves Torchinsky cbasse, rue des lombards- 75001 PARIS François Laizeau batterie RESERVATIONS: 14233377'

new album with Epistrophy Septet:

Erik Kimestad, trumpet
Fredrik Lundin, tenor-saxophone
Peter Dahlgren, trombone
Artur Tuznik, piano
Yasser Morejon Pino, bass
Anders Mogensen, drums
Simon Spang-Hanssen, saxophones/comp.


Simon Cato Spang-Hanssen  “Poly-Currents”

new and newer paintings at the Basement Art Studio

september 22  2022  5-8 P.M.
september 23   2022   4-7 PM.
september 24  2022   2-5 P.M.


Mariane Bitran- flutes – Peter Danstrup, bass – Ole Theill, percussion – Jacob Andersen, percussion – Simon Spang-Hanssen, sax/comp.
Guests: Marilyn Mazur, percussion – Klavs Nordsoe, congas       Recorded by Ole Hansen, Soundtrack Studio, 1998.

New paintings, regularly updated:


Epistrophy Septet , Holstebro Jazz Festival

23 september 2022  with Erik Kimestad, tp- Fredrik Lundin, ts – Peter Dahlgren, tb – S.S.H., as/ss –
Artur Tuznik, p – Yasser Morejon Pino, b – Anders Mogensen, dm


International artists in Herlev, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022

Strange Brothers at 5e  saturday july 9th at 21:30


Ear Witness in Paris 27th & 28th of may 2022 at the Baiser Salé

📍 Le Baiser Salé
🗓 27/5/22 & 28/5/22
🕘 20h & 22h

with: Mario Canonge, piano – Thomas Fonnesbaek, bass – Felix Sabal-Lecco, drums –
Simon Spang-Hanssen, saxophones

supported by the Danish Conductors Assocoation


New trio-album with Matthias Petri, bass – David Besiakov, drums –

Simon Spang-Hanssen, tenor & soprano-saxophones/flute/comp. :


New release:

Paris 1996

with Mariane Bitran, Xavier Desandre Navarre, Richard Bona, François Moutin, Julien Lourau,
Ramuntcho Matta



Simon Spang-Hanssen “Epistrophy Septet”

with Erik Kimestad, tp – Fredrik Lundin, ts – Mikkel Aagaard, tb –
Artur Tuznik, p – Yasser Morejon Pino, b – Anders Mogensen, dm –
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones/comp/arr.

originals, including tributes to some favourites: Th. Monk, Duke, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, Mulatu Astatke, S.Rollins…

coming concerts:

28/11  2021 at Jazzselskabet, Aarhus
6/4 2022, Gentofte Jazzclub DK
8/4 2022, På Taget, Odense
23/09 2022  Holstebro Jazz Festival

previous concerts:

Jazzhus Montmartre, Paradise Jazz, Giant Steps



review from Jazz Magazine (FR)




supported by KODA and Danish Conductors Association




Simon Spang-Hanssen TRIO

12 may  2021   Christiania Jazzclub
2 june   2021    Bartof Station

Matthias Petri, bass
David Besiakov, drums
Simon Spang-Hanssen, saxophones/flute/compositions


Basement Art Studio ( & Simon Cato Spang-Hanssen)

Frederiksberg Dage  3 juni 2022 with guest-artist Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt and music by Yasser
Morejon Pino, bass and S.S.H., saxophones

Basement Art Studio, Guldborgvej 12 kld., 2000 Frederiksberg C

Formes guest at pop-up exhibitions in the atelier: Jakob Olsne, Jan Kaspersen, Lennart Schou, Lene Kjeldsen,
Grethe Tranberg, Jeff Ibbo, Sjulle Schulstad….poets: Ole Bundgaard, Jens O. Magnussen

collaborations and individual work

Video from Pop Up Exhibition at the Basement Art Studio, may 2021

Collaboration paintings by & Simon Cato Spang-Hanssen


New  singles out,
rediscovered unreleased takes from 2007 album “Rainbow Spirit”


Dawda Jobarteh, kora – Thomas Fonnesbech, bass – Ayi Solomon, percussion – Simon Spang-Hanssen, tenor-saxophone/composition


Re-release from 2001 (remastered)
w. Thomas Agergaard, tenor-saxophone/alto-flute – Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto/soprano/tenor-saxophones – Klavs Hovman, bass – Marilyn Mazur, drums
Originals by the four members of the group.


Previously un-issued recordings from 1994/95 at Studio RA, Paris by Ramuntcho Matta.  with: Mariane Bitran, flutes – Richard Bona, bass – Xavier Desandre, percussion Julien Lourau, soprano-saxophone – François Moutin, double bass – Simon Spang-Hanssen, saxophones/composition



Visit my Youtube Channel: Here

live-videos with: Café Central, Middle Earth, Rainbow Spirit


record company Alisio Music on facebook:


Simon Spang-Hanssen & EAR WITNESS

Mario Canonge, piano
Linley Marthe, bass
Felix Sabal-Lecco
, drums
S.S.H.saxophones, flute

Live in Paris
11/12 septembre 2020  at the Baiser Salé- Paris


New edition of Café Central :

Sahra Da Silva, vocals – Alain Apaloo, vocal/guitar – Mariane Bitran, flute – Aske Drasbaek, barytone-saxophone – Lars Emil Riis Madsen, piano – Yasser Morejon Pino, bass – Niclas Campagnol, drums – Simon Spang-Hanssen, tenor-saxophone, music & lyrics


“…a clear example of Spang-Hanssen’s ability to make the rhythm-section,
vocals and horns melt together into an organic whole and to incorporate
lyrics and vocals into his colorful musical universe.”
…it is a wonderful release, sparkling with life and joyful music-making.”

Lars Thorborg, Jazz Special (DK)  april 2016




Rithva Landler & Simon Cato Spang-Hanssen

akryl, olie, gouache, recycled, upcycled, multi-media

Kind og Blue    Waiting For(sold)            multimedia on wood by Rithva L. and Simon S.H.


Simon Spang-Hanssen ”Epistrophy” Septet

Erik Kimestad, tp
Simon Spang-Hanssen, as/ss/komp.
Fredrik Lundin, ts
Mikkel Aagaard, tb
Artur Tuznik, p
Yasser Pino, b
Anders Mogensen, dm

New compositions, tributes to Wayne Shorter, Thelonious Monk, Joe Henderson, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane….life,love & music

Cd-release-concert  thursday 27th of may 2021 at Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen







“South of Nowhere” from 2000 is now out on Bandcamp:…/south-of-nowhere

Musicians: Mariane Bitran, flutes – Jesper Sveidahl, trumpet – Fredrik Lundin, tenor-saxophone – Henrik Sveidahl, barytone-saxophone – Bjarne Roupé, guitar – Poul Reimann, piano – Marc Davis, bass – Anders Mogensen, drums – Martin Maretti Andersen, drums tracks 2,4 and 7 -Jacob Andersen, percussion – Simon Spang-Hanssen, soprano/alto & tenor-saxophones, all compositions except. “Du Gamle Maane” by Kai Normann Andersen, arr. S.S.H.


 New site for paintings:

new on fb:



Simon Spang-Hanssen “Middle Earth”
w. Maher Mahmoud (SY,CU,GH,DK)


Maher Mahmoud, oud
Yasser Morejon Pino,
Ayi Solomon, percussions
Simon Spang-Hanssen, saxophones, flutes

EP released in 2018  download and streaming    iTunes, Tidal, Spotify etc,

in concert:
Mejeriet Torup
august 1st. 2020

Den Norske Kirke (Copenhagen)
october 2nd. 2020
larger edition with Carolin Goodwin, clarinets and Kristine Kier Joergensen, violin

Skive Jazzklub
4 of may 2021

Photo from Aarhus International Jazz Festival 15th July 2019

new facebook page for painting

Text for the exhibition “Confluences” by art historian Cilia Espeland

“The paintings of Simon Spang-Hanssen (1955,DK), invites the viewer to a magical and adventurous journey, in which the mutable, imaginary and fascinating flows together. The artwork moves, activates and engages the viewer.

With colourful expression and playful forms the pieces comes alive with humour and poetry. The simple, yet expressive means bears witness to the fact that Spang-Hanssen’s creativity is not confined to his musical career,”

Simon Spang-Hanssens (DK, 1955) malerier inviterer beskueren på en magisk og eventyrlig rejse,  hvor det foranderlige, fantasifulde og fascinerende flyder sammen. Kunstværkerne bevæger, aktiverer og engagerer beskueren. Med farverige udtryk og legende former bliver værkerne levende med poetiske og humoristiske udtryk. De enkle men dog udtryksfulde virkemidler vidner om, at Simon Spang-Hanssens opfindsomhed og kreativitet ikke kun er forbeholdt hans musikalske karriere. Farver og former er i værkerne sat sammen i æstetiske relationer, og de flygtige gestikulationer af organiske og lyriske penselstrøg fører tankerne hen på jazzmusikkens vuggende rytmer og improvisatoriske frihed. Simon Spang-Hassen er inspirereret af bl.a. Kandinsky, Picasso og Miro, men det er tydeligt, han i værkerne har fundet sin egen ”klangfarve”, sin stil, som tjener til hans individuelle, kunstneriske udtryk.

Tekst: Cilia Espeland, kunsthistoriker










also have a look at: Spang-Hanssen


Strange Brothers

Kasper Tranberg, trumpet
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones
Peter Danstrup, bass
Ole Roemer, drums

“The Bird Next Tree”   ILK Music

link for streaming and download:

Winther Jazz Festival  2020, february 21st. at H15, 7:30 P.M



Simon Spang-Hanssen “Brazilian Project”

Mariane Bitran, flutes
Ricardo Fiuza,  piano
Enéias Xavier , bass
André “Limao” Quieroz, drums
S.S.H. , sax, flutes

in concert:

15/7 2017 , Copenhagen Jazz Festival, World Scene Platform, Husets Teater  at 19:00
1/1o    ”         Gribskov Bibliotek, Græsted (DK), 20:00
3/11   ”          Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen  at 21:00
4/11  ”           Sønderborg Music School   time tba
9/2   2018   Jazzhus Dexter, Odense (DK),  Winther-Jazz 2018


Album “Bird in Space” released august 2011

“Caminho Da Lua” , january  2017


The group has performed in Giant Steps, Lyngby-Taarbaek Jazzklub, Godset (Kolding), Huset i Aalborg, Tranquebar, Paradise Jazz, Holbaek Jazzklub, Jazzselskabet (Aarhus), Portalen in Denmark, and at the Savassi Jazz Festival in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in 2012 and 2014, Jazz nos Fundos and JazzB (São Paolo)

Savassi festival 2012:

to buy the cd:


Simon Spang-Hanssen

“Epistrophy” Septet

Tobias Wiklund, trumpet
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones
Frederick Menzies, tenor-saxophone
Mikkel Aagaard,  trombone
Artur Tuznik, piano
Yasser Morejon Pino, bass
Anders Mogensen, drums

New compositions including tributes to Monk, Shorter , Henderson and many others…

in concert :   11 june 2020 at Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen

7th of March 2018,  Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen
10th of Feburary 2019,  Jazzselskabet, Aarhus
7th of March 2019,   Giant Steps, Svendborg






Simon Spang-Hanssen & EAR WITNESS                                                                                                                                           

Mario Canonge, piano

Linley Marthe, bass

Felix Sabal-Lecco, drums

S.S.H.saxophones, flute

Live in Paris september 20/21 2019 at the Baiser Salé-


Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet:

Michael Gregory Jackson, guitar,vocal
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones, flute
Niels Praestholm, bass
Kresten Osgood, drums

new CD coming soon !

info, video and sounds :    

cd “After Before” 
MGJCQ-003   ( with Matias Wolf on drums)




27 october 2016, Jyderup Højskole
28 october 2016,   Art School of Soenderborg
31 oct.  2016           5e ,  Copenhagen


3   march    2017        Jazzhus Dexter, Odense (DK)
4 march          ”            Bartof Station (DK)
7   march          ”         Halmstadt, SE


next tour-period:





Spangster Records/Alisio Music

Rainbow Spirit         ALCD001     2006                                         
Coexistance               ALD002       2007
The Riddle                 ALCD003    2008
Intersections             ALCD004    2009
Bird in Space            ALCD005    2011
Citizen Song              ALCD006   2012
Luna Moon                 ALCD007   2013
Stonetown Boogie     ALCD008  2015
Back To Earth           ALCD009   2016
Camino Da Lua         ALCD010   2017
Midnight Again        ALCD011    2018   




Simon Spang-Hanssen & EAR WITNESS                                                                                                                                           

Mario Canonge, piano

Linley Marthe, bass

Felix Sabal-Lecco, drums

S.S.H.saxophones, flute







albums:  “Ear Witness”  Music Mecca 2003 , “The Riddle”  Alisio Music, ALCD003 2009



Simon Spang Band






Dawda Jobarteh, kora
Thomas Fonnesbech
,  bass
Niclas Campagnol
,  drums
Ayi Solomon, 
,   saxophones, comp.

 cd “Stonetown Boogie”

guests:  Claudia Campagnol, vocals – Maher Mahmoud, oud

in concert:

8t h of July 2017,  Copenhagen Jazz Festival, World Scene Platform, Café Le Rouge at 23:00

The band has played at the Jahazi Jazz & Literary Festival, Zanzibar in 2012 and -13, Le Baiser Salé (Paris), B-flat (Berlin), Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Global Cph,, Tranquebar, Buddha’s Jazzclub, Giant Steps, Testrup Hoejskole (Denmark), Bartof Station (Copenhagen Jazzfestival/World Scene Platform)


Citizenjazz , french webmag, september 2016

Simon Spang Band

Stonetown Boogie

Simon Spang-Hanssen (saxes, fl), Dawda Jobarteh (kora), Thomas Fonnesbech (b), Niclas Campagnol (dm), Ayi Solomon (perc), Claudia Campagnol (vocals), Maher Mahmoud (oud)

Distribution / Label : Gatteway Music

“Since the seventies, danish saxophonist Simon Spang-Hanssen, has followed an itinerary of great richness, punctuated by prestigeous collaborations ( Andy Emler, Billy Hart, Franck Tortiller just to name a few). In 2015 he releases Stonetown Boogie, an album imbued with an attractive “africanity”, grace to the tone of Dawda Jobarteh’s kora. Two pieces puts in scene the oud of Maher Mahmoud, thus exploring the continent further north. Apart from these warm mixtures, we also find some ballads in which Spang-Hanssen honours his reputation as a great melody writer. With respect to the tune that gives it’s name to the album, it is filled with a thick binary groove and cutting edge saxophone riffs that are overflowing with funk. ”

by Samuel Vène   Published the 11 september 2016  Citizen Jazz (FR)


youtube links:



buy the cd:


ToneArt Ensemble  “Moving Circles”

Hélianne Blais, violin
Mariane Bitran, flute
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones, flute
Emil Hess,  bass-clarinet, clarinet, tenor & soprano-saxophones
Peter Jensen, trombone
John Ehde, cello
Thommy Andersson, bass
Søren Møller, piano

Jørgen Lauritsen, conductor


Musik by Marilyn Mazur, Pernille Bevort, Kim Kristensen, Hugh Steinmetz, Irene Becker
Niels Præstholm, Jeppe Gram, Peter Danstrup, Emil Hess, Thommy Anderssson, Simon Spang-Hanssen


link to video from the Concert Church in Copenhagen

Simon Spang-Hanssen, Coisinha. Koncert TonaArt, 6 dec. 2016



Cd’s :


Spang-Hanssen TRIO


Sébastien Boisseau, bass
Christophe Lavergne
, drums
S.S.H., alto & soprano-saxophones, flute



recorded at Lizières:



The trio has played in : Le Sunside, Maison de la Radio France, Maison du Danemark (Paris), La Fabrica’son(Malakoff), Djazz51(Reims) and in Paradise Jazz (Copenhagen).




 Alisio Ensemble

Kristian Joergensen,  violin
Mariane Bitran
,  flutes
Bent Clausen
,  vibraphone
Henrik Sveidahl
,  bass-clarinet/tenor-saxophone
Peter Danstrup
,  bass
Benita Haastrup
, percussion
Mikkel Schnettler
,  percussion
Simon Spang-Hanssen
,  alto & soprano-saxophones, comp.

CD “Intersections”  ALCD004

Live recording from Godset, Kolding , march 6th 2014 :

Titles from cd “Intersections” 2009



Simon Spang-Hanssen New Quartet

Ben Besiakov, piano
Thomas Fonnesbech, bass
Niclas Campagnol, drums
Simon Spang-Hanssen, tenor & soprano-saxophone





 Jackson/Spang Duo



Michael Gregory Jackson, guitar,voice
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones, flute

Concert in New York and Boston in december 2013  (Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn – Outpost 186, Cambridge…)

An album “Essence Breaks Free ” is coming up !

sound, studio-recordings and live:



Arnold Ludvig Sextet

Mariane Bitran, flute
Alain Apaloo, guitar
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones
Marco Martinovic, piano
Arnold Ludvig, bass
Niclas Campagnol, drums
July 11th 2017, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Husets Teater
oct. 21st. 2917  , Nordic House, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands


Yves Torchinsky European Jazz Family

Klaus Stötter, trumpet
Pierre-Olivier Govin, alto-sax
Samuel Blaser, trombone
S.S.H., tenorsax, alto-flute
Philippe Michel, piano
Yves Torchinsky, bass
Francois Laizeau, drums











Coming up:
Second album “Caminho Da Lua” with “Brazilian Project”, september 2016

(for physical copies of “Rainbow Spirit”,”Coexistence”,”The Ridle”,””Intersections”
send a mail to : )



Ramuntcho Matta, guitar,vocals, electronics, toys
Fréderic Dutertre, bass, electronics
Simon Spang-Hanssen, saxophones, flutes, objects

cd: Happy Hands   maat019

film online:

a film by Fréderique Santune

music and drawings by SAFARI







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