Night Garden 2  (49 x 58cm)

Night Garden 1 (49 x 58 cm)



Three Musicians 5  ( 60 x 100 cm )

Three Musicians 4 (60 x 100 cm)
Stonetown Boogie 1   (60 x 80 cm)


Three Singers 4  (60×80 cm)
Three Singers 3  (60x80cm)

Three Singers 2  (60+80cm)
Three Singers 1 (60+80 cm)

Open House 1 (58+49 cm)
Descarga 1 & 2,  oil on canvas, 80+40 cm






Sign Language 1,2,3,   oil on canvas, 30+30 cm 2020


 Mask and Bird, oil on canvas , 58+49 cm 2020

Bird and Mask, oil on canvas , 58+49 cm
Noctiflore II,IV  oil on canvas 40+40 cm

Power of the Flower 1,2,3,4,  oil on canvas
2020Frevo  acrylic on canvas 2020  80+80 cm


Evening Poem 1,3  oil on canvas 30-30 cm

Little Maze I,II,III   acrylic on canvas 30+30 cm, may 2020

Dreamscape I, oil on canvas 60+50cm
Dreamscape II
Dreamscape III
“Hackensack”  tribute to Thelonious Monk
oil on canvas 80+60cm 2019/21


“Off Minor”  tribute to Thelonious Monk
oil on canvas  80+60cm 2019/21

Sevillana   acrylic on wood


Children of the Night,   oil on canvas  30+30cm  (1 sold)







The Riddle, acrylic and oil on canvas 80+80 cm

Conference of the Birds 80+80cm 



 Singer, oil on canvas
Painter, oil on canvas


Poet, Actor,  oil on canvas  58+49 cm


Montparnasse, oil & acrylic on canvas 70+50 cm

Like a Rolling Stone, acrylic on wood


New Home 2,  acrylic on wood

New Home 1, acrylic on wood

Night Out, oil on canvas, 100+120 cm

Samba 4, acrylic and oil on canvas, 80+60 cm

Samba 3, acrylic and oil on canvas, 80+60 cm

Samba 2, acrylic and oil on canvas, 80+60 cm

Samba 1, acrylic and oil on canvas, 80+60 cm


Carnaval, 1,2,3,4   acrylic on wood (wine-box)

Three Spirits 1  60+100 cm

Three Spirits 2    60+100 cm

Spirit 1   oil on canvas  50+90

New Game  acrylic on wood

Quarteto 2 (sold),1 oil on canvas  70+50 cm


Nightly 2  oil on canvas  40+50 cm

Three Musicians II
100+60cm oil on canvas (sold)

Three Musicians I
oil on canvas   60+100cm (sold)

Double Mask 4  50+50 cm

Double Mask 3 (sold)


Minas 2,3  (50+70 cm)

Zanzibar 1,3  50+90 cm



Night Music 1,3



Little Mask 1

Bluesando 2    50+40 cm










Trois Masques VIII  oil on canvas




Indian Summer 3,4   oil on canvas  50+40 cm


Being Blue 1,2   40+50 cm (sold)








Bird’s I 6  40+40 cm

Hommage à Lam I (sold), II



Juggler,  oil on canvas

A Noite     oil on canvas

Milano I     oil on canvas

Toledo I   oil on canvas 70+50cm (private collection)


Bébé Minotaure (multimedia )

Scrapple from the Apple                                                     Moose the Mooche



North  oil on canvas 90+72cm   (sold)


West  oil on canvas 90+72 cm (sold)


Nocturne   oil on canvas (sold)


Equinox   oil on canvas  30+40 cm









A Night in Tunesia  1                                                             Housing Project

Ancestral 1









Trois Masques  VI     (sold)


Galxie du Nord  (sold)

Quartet 2   oil on canvas  58+49 cm (sold)



Lo que queiro es fiesta   oil on canvas 60+40cm    (sold)