New cd “Luna Moon”

release march 7th 2013    ALCD007

Sébastien Boisseau, bass
Christophe Lavergne, drums
S.S.H., alto & soprano-saxophones, flute

en concert le

6 février 2014  à 21:00h  Paradise Jazz, Huset, Magstraede, Copenhagen
8 février 2014 à 17:30  “Jazz sur le Vif” , Maison de la Radio France
9 février 2014 à 16:30 au Fabrica´son , Théatre 71, Malakoff
10 avril 2014 à 19h ,  Djaz51, Reims
15 avril 2014 à  20h,  Fondation Danoise, Cité Universitaire, Paris



recorded at Lizières:   www.lizieres.org


new homepage for paintings, gouache, drawings




Simon Spang-Hanssen

“Brazilian Project”


Mariane Bitran, flutes
Ricardo Fiuza
,  piano
Enéias Xavier
, bass
André “Limao” Quieroz
, drums
, sax, flutes

Album “Bird in Space” released august 2011

tour in Denmark  february 2012 (Copenhagen, Lyngby,Svendborg, Kolding , Aarhus)
and in Brazil july august ( Savassi Jazz Festival, Belo Horizonte, Jazz nos Fundos, Sao Palo)

tour in 2013: 1 october 2013  Huset in Aalborg ,4 october 2012   Tranquebar, Copenhagen
6 oct.   Holbæk Jazzklub

recording at the Village Recording Studio october 3rd 2013

Coming Concerts:


august 15th  JazzB in São Paolo, Brazil
augist 20th   Café Com Letras, Savassi Festival, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

in Denmark 3rd – 14th of february 2015 with vocalist/composer Vander Lee as our speial guest !





Savassi festival 2012:


EAR WITNESS                                                                                                                                               

Emil Spányi, piano.keyboards

Linley Marthe, bass

Felix Sabal-Lecco, drums

S.S.H. ,  saxophones, flute

Jahazi Jazz and Literary Festival, Zanzibar, 29,30,31 august 2014
( with Jean-Christophe Cholet, piano )









Dawda Jobarteh, kora
Thomas Fonnesbech
,  bass
Niclas Campagnol
,  drums
Ayi Solomon, 
,   saxophones, comp.


30 august – 1 september  2013   JAHAZI Jazz & Literary Festival, Zanzibar
30 january   2014  Giant Steps, Svendborg, DK

youtube links:



Alisio Ensemble

Kristian Joergensen,  violin
Mariane Bitran
,  flutes
Bent Clausen
,  vibraphone
Henrik Sveidahl
,  bass-clarinet/tenor-saxophone
Peter Danstrup
,  bass
Benita Haastrup
, percussion
Mikkel Schnettler
,  percussion
Simon Spang-Hanssen
,  alto & soprano-saxophones, comp.

CD “Intersections”  ALCD004

Live recording from Godset, Kolding , march 6th 2014 :


Titles from cd “Intersections” 2009



Simon Spang-Hanssen New Quartet

Ben Besiakov, piano
Thomas Fonnesbech, bass
Niclas Campagnol, drums
Simon Spang-Hanssen, tenor & soprano-saxophone

27/5 2014 Unicorn, Copenhagen Jazzhouse
11/9  2014 Café Divino, Espergærde


Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet:

Michael Gregory Jackson, guitar,vocal
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones, flute
Niels Praestholm, bass
Matias Wolf Andreasen, drums

cd being released  soon, music by MGJ and S.S.H.

october 23rd  at Metronomen, Frederiksberg

october 29th 2014 at Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen


 info and sounds :     http://www.michaelgregoryjacksonepk.com

M.G.J./S.S.H. Duo

Michael Gregory Jackson, guitar,voice
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones, flute

Concert in New York and Boston in december 2013  (Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn…) 

sound, studio-recordings and live:





Niels Ryde Quartet ” A Night Out”

Bjarne Roupe, guitar
S.S.H.,  alto & soprano-saxophones
Niels Ryde, bass
Niclas Campagnol, drums


!! november, 2014    Baaring Hoejskole, DK
27 november, 2014   Jazzhus Dexter, Odense, DK
17 december , 2014    Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen, DK


Yves Torchinsky European Jazz Family

Klaus Stötter, trumpet
Pierre-Olivier Govin, alto-sax
Samuel Blaser, trombone
S.S.H., tenorsax, alto-flute
Philippe Michel, piano
Yves Torchinsky, bass
Francois Laizeau, drums

25 march 2014, Studio de l’Ermitage, Paris
5 july 2014, Festival de Couches, Bourgogne








new on youtube:


“Sold Out” by Jan Kaspersen with: Bob Rockwell, S.S.H., tenor-saxophones, Jan Kaspersen, piano, Lennart Ginman, bass
Benita Haastrup, drums  at Templet, Lyngby april 23rd 2014


Record-company ALISIO  :

“Rainbow Spirit” ALCD001
” Coexistence”
with S.S.H. 5-tet  ALCD002
“The Riddle”
with Ear Witness ALCD003
with Alisio Ensemble ALCD004
“Bird in Space”
  ( S.S.H. & Grupo) ALCD005
” Citizen Song”
  ( Special Quartet ) ALCD006
“Luna Moon “ 
  S.S.H. Trio  ALCD007



Coming up:

New album with “Rainbow Spirit” being prepared,samples on soundcloud
Second album with “Brazilian Project” coming up

(for physical copies of “Rainbow Spirit”,”Coexistence”,”The Ridle”,”"Intersections”
send a mail to : www.simonspangh@gmail.com )


new film online:


a film by Fréderique Santune

music and drawings by SAFARI

Ramuntcho Matta -  Simon Spang-Hanssen- Frederic Dutertre