New cd “Luna Moon”

release march 7th 2013    ALCD007

Sébastien Boisseau, bass
Christophe Lavergne, drums
S.S.H., alto & soprano-saxophones, flute

en concert le

6 février 2014  à 21:00h  Paradise Jazz, Huset, Magstraede, Copenhagen
8 février 2014 à 17:30  “Jazz sur le Vif” , Maison de la Radio France
9 février 2014 à 16:30 au Fabrica´son , Théatre 71, Malakoff
10 avril 2014 à 19h ,  Djaz51, Reims
15 avril 2014 à  20h,  Fondation Danoise, Cité Universitaire, Paris



recorded at Lizières:   www.lizieres.org


Duo and Trio in New York

dec. 12th at the Shapeshifter Lab at 7 P.M.

Michael Gregory Jackson, guitar,voice
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones, flute

dec. 13th Soup & Sound, 292 Lefferts Ave., Brooklyn at 8 P.M.

same, add:

Andrew Drury, drums, percussion

also a duo concert in Cambridge/Boston and a recording-session, yet to be mixed…




new homepage for paintings, gouache, drawings




Simon Spang-Hanssen

“Brazilian Project”


Mariane Bitran, flutes
Ricardo Fiuza
,  piano
Enéias Xavier
, bass
André “Limao” Quieroz
, drums
, sax, flutes

Album “Bird in Space” released august 2011

tour in Denmark  february 2012 (Copenhagen, Lyngby,Svendborg, Kolding , Aarhus)
and in Brazil july august ( Savassi Jazz Festival, Belo Horizonte, Jazz nos Fundos, Sao Palo)

tour in 2013: 1 october 2013  Huset in Aalborg ,4 october 2012   Tranquebar, Copenhagen
6 oct.   Holbæk Jazzklub

recording at the Village Recording Studio october 3rd 2013

tour-period in Brazil august 2014 :

august 15th  JazzB in São Paolo

in Denmark 3rd – 14th of february 2015




Dawda Jobarteh, kora
Thomas Fonnesbech
,  bass
Niclas Campagnol
,  drums
Ayi Solomon, 
,   saxophones, comp.


30 august – 1 september  2013   JAHAZI Jazz & Literary Festival, Zanzibar
30 january   2014  Giant Steps, Svendborg, DK

youtube links:



Exhibition  at Galleri Art Fellov

with Camilla Fellov

march 2014

Kirkevej 155
2791 Dragoer


Fernisering søndag d. 2 marts 2014 kl. 13-17



Alisio Ensemble

Kristian Joergensen,  violin
Mariane Bitran
,  flutes
Bent Clausen
,  vibraphone
Henrik Sveidahl
,  bass-clarinet/tenor-saxophone
Peter Danstrup
,  bass
Benita Haastrup
, percussion
Mikkel Schnettler
,  percussion
Simon Spang-Hanssen
,  alto & soprano-saxophones, comp.

CD “Intersections”  ALCD004

In concert:  march 6th 2014 in Godset, Kolding


Simon Spang-Hanssen New Quartet

Ben Besiakov, piano
Thomas Fonnesbech, bass
Niclas Campagnol, drums
Simon Spang-Hanssen, tenor & soprano-saxophone

27/5 2014 Unicorn, Copenhagen Jazzhouse
11/9  2014 Café Divino, Espergærde



Emil Spányi, piano.keyboards
Linley Marthe, bass
Felix Sabal-Lecco, drums
S.S.H. ,  saxophones, flute

Jahazi Jazz and Literary Festival, Zanzibar, 5,6,7,/9 2014


 Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet:

 Michael Gregory Jackson, guitar,vocal
Simon Spang-Hanssen, alto & soprano-saxophones, flute
Niels Praestholm, bass
Matias Wolf Andreasen, drums

cd being released  soon, music by MGJ and S.S.H.

 info and sounds :     http://www.michaelgregoryjacksonepk.com


Yves Torchinsky European Jazz Family

Klaus Stötter, trumpet
Pierre-Olivier Govin, alto-sax
Samuel Blaser, trombone
S.S.H., tenorsax, alto-flute
Philippe Michel, piano
Yves Torchinsky, bass
Francois Laizeau, drums

25 march 2014, Studio de l’Ermitage, Paris
5 july 2014, Festival de Couches, Bourgogne








Record-company ALISIO  :

“Rainbow Spirit” ALCD001
” Coexistence”
with S.S.H. 5-tet  ALCD002
“The Riddle”
with Ear Witness ALCD003
with Alisio Ensemble ALCD004
“Bird in Space”
  ( S.S.H. & Grupo) ALCD005
” Citizen Song”
  ( Special Quartet ) ALCD006
“Luna Moon “ 
  S.S.H. Trio  ALCD007



Coming up:

New album with “Rainbow Spirit” under preparation, look out for samples on soundcloud
Second album with “Brazilian Project” coming up

(for physical copies of “Rainbow Spirit”,”Coexistence”,”The Ridle”,”"Intersections”
send a mail to : www.simonspangh@gmail.com )


new film online:


a film by Fréderique Santune

music and drawings by SAFARI

Ramuntcho Matta -  Simon Spang-Hanssen- Frederic Dutertre